About Us


Ege University, Institute of Turkish World Studies, Turkish Teaching Unit (TÖBİR) is one of the oldest Turkish teaching centers for foreigners. Our institution, that has been providing education since 1986, has taught Turkish to thousands of students from all over the world.

Mission – Vision

Ege University TDAE TÖBİR is an institution that provides language education for anyone who wants to learn Turkish. It offers its students an education that enables the simultaneous development of four skills; listening, comprehension, writing, and speaking. It has an experienced staff that constitutes the third generation and has technical facilities that can be used in language teaching. Turkish education is applied synchronously online, where it is possible to attend from anywhere, and/or face to face in the classrooms at the university campus, according to the students’ desires. It also offers its students the opportunity to participate in some of the training online and some face to face. It provides Turkish education within the context of language-culture relationship with a content that touches the cultural universe of words.

The vision of TÖBİR that aims to teach Turkish to those who want to learn Turkish quickly, fluently and permanently, can be grouped under two headings. One of them is to reach anyone at anywhere who needs to understand, speak, read and write Turkish; the other is to provide students with Turkish proficiency to meet their needs in social communication, education, business, tourism and/or any other needs.


Our unit adopts a student-centered approach in education within the framework of behavioral, cognitive and affective theories. Here, the focus is on introducing Turkish and the culture created by this language as a whole in a sincere relationship with the students, and on learning Turkish to the students from different aspects.

Our education is based on CEF (Common European Framework) levels in the European Language Portfolio. These levels are listed as A1 <A2 <B1 <B2 <C1. According to the levels obtained as a result of the “Placement Exam” that is applied at the beginning of the term, our classes are formed in groups of 16 persons on average.

The Common foreign language teaching methods accepted by the Modern Languages ​​Department of the European Council are used in our courses. Turkish education is given in the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills center. Our students are encouraged to gain self-confidence by paying attention to their motivation in the process of learning Turkish. Apart from the theoretical program, there are also activity lessons to improve speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. Special importance is given to the elements of cultural transfer while teaching Turkish either inside or outside the classroom. At the same time, our unit also provides Academic Turkish education that will contribute to students’ undergraduate, graduate and doctoral processes.

In face-to-face and online lessons that take place in an ergonomic environment, educators take benefit from all of the necessary technological facilities. In addition to books, tools such as course materials prepared for foreigners, computers, slides, and modern sound systems are used. A comfortable studying environment is also offered to our students with the rich library in our institution.

Those who are successful at the end of the training are entitled to receive C1 certificate. Thus, they obtain the “Turkish Certificate” required to be able to receive education in higher education institutions in our country, especially Ege University.

For candidates who know Turkish enough, a “Turkish Proficiency (Exemption) Exam” is held on the dates announced by our unit, and a “Turkish Proficiency Certificate” is given to candidates who are successful in the exam.

The Covid-19 epidemic experienced all over the world did not prevent the Turkish teaching activity of the TÖBİR family that has been providing education for years with her experienced staff; On the contrary, she has had an effective role in transferring her knowledge successfully to the internet environment. Our trainings continue online with the same care and importance with simultaneous lessons.

Ege TÖBİR family that has been proud of teaching Turkish to thousands of people from all over the world until now, is excited to meet new people, to touch their hearts also and to give them the ability to communicate with Turkish spoken in three continents.