Classes consist of 16 students medium, with all levels (А1, А2, B7, B2 , C1) courses conducted in 175 hours over 7-week course periods. . Our courses run from October to the end of June, with 25 hours of lessons per week, 5 days а week. Apart from this schedule, new courses and programs сап bе opened when а sufficient number of students is reached. We also have а Summer Schoo/ program in July and August.

Students who wish can join the 60-hour free speaking/writing program from B2 level.

After C1 level we have academic Turkish classes also. Academic Turkish programme is 140 hours theoretically.


Start Date: 11.10.2021                                          End Date: 01.07.2022 

A1 LEVEL DATES:11.10.2021- 26.11.2021
A2 LEVEL DATES:29.11.2021- 14.01.2022
SEMESTER HOLIDAY:17.01.2022- 28.01.2022
B1 LEVEL DATES31.01.2022- 18.03.2022
B2 LEVEL DATES:21.03.2022- 13.05.2022
C1 LEVEL DATES:16.05.2022 – 01.07.2022       


Start Date: 11.10.2021                                           End Date: 13.05.2022    

A2 LEVEL DATES:  11.10.2021- 26.11.2021
B1 LEVEL DATES:  29.11.2021- 14.01.2022
SEMESTER HOLIDAY:17.01.2022- 28.01.2022
B2 LEVEL DATES:  31.01.2022- 18.03.2022
C1 LEVEL DATES:  21.03.2022- 13.05.2022


Start Date: 11.10.2021                                             End Date: 18.03.2022

B1 LEVEL DATES:11.10.2021- 26.11.2021
B2 LEVEL DATES:29.11.2021- 14.01.2022
SEMESTER HOLIDAY:17.01.2022- 28.01.2022
C1 LEVEL DATES:31.01.2022- 18.03.2022

Pre-Registration Fee2.400 TL
Certificate Program in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language1.200 TL
Turkish Proficiency Exam480 TL
Turkish Proficiency Exam (for candidates applying to Ege University graduate programs)400 TL
Level Determination Exam Fee120 TL

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