Izmir is Turkey’s 3rd largest city. Izmir, a city that has been the cradle of many different civilizations with its 5000-year history, is one of the biggest cities of the Mediterranean. It is in an important position in terms of tourism with its historical and Mediterranean geography. With its Blue Flag beaches, historical ruins, ancient cities, mountains and green forests, İzmir is a favorite destination for many local and foreign tourists. As a result of meeting the possibilities offered by the Mediterranean with Turkish taste, it has a cuisine of magnificent richness and taste. However, Izmir is not just a touristic city. Organized industrial zones are home to some of Turkey’s important industrial establishments and factories. İzmir is one of the preferred cities of Turkey with the various job opportunities offered to its residents. In addition to all these, it is a place preferred by hundreds of thousands of students as an assertive city in the field of education and science with its 9 universities. Izmir, the city where Homer had lived, is also a very rich place in terms of culture. The people of Izmir like to participate in art events such as concerts, theater performances, cinemas, festivals and exhibitions. With its modern airport, it is a city that can be easily reached both for Turkey and for international flights. The city has convenient transportation opportunities with interconnected metro, suburban train, tram, ferry and bus systems.